Karissa Ho πŸ”ˆ

Passing No. 2

Passing No. 2 by Karissa Ho


Suppose you wanted something: not how
much. On the ex/tensive margin, choice

hangs as cold light in colder air. Leave
your history at the dock, step in. The ex/

is the knife-edged bay; the rip-tidals then
less discernable. At the pulpit of your

consciousness and conscience, float where it
takes you – then what must sink? The in/

tensive margin is a matter of the heart, the
canvas tied and noosed; the nook under

the deck where secrets sit in blue, waiting
silence. What then is tensive but current,

after the ex/, the in/, and – here, sail into
an opal mist; not margin, but the wider,

day-vast ocean relenting again.

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Karissa Ho is a writer and visual designer. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she studies English literature and economics at the University of California, Berkeley. Her work has appeared in diaCRITICS, Flash Frog, and The Daily Californian. She is a voracious reader and a very fast walker.