Eli V. Rahm πŸ”ˆ


Vacation on the Oregon Coast. Three boulders – massive – like the ancient bodies of dinosaurs rise from the ocean.

We fall asleep on the beach and Levi wakes covered – tiny hard shells leaking meaty worm bodies. She is silent at first as I break off each one – try to be delicate at first, as delicate as I can with metal pliers. Her skin bleeds at the parting, and she has never looked more human, rendered blind and lobster.

Girl or god, I love –

it doesn't last. Here,
there is fury.

She gnaws and snaps each creature, feral at the pain. Water comes off her in waves of steam. The opened shells burst – creamy eggs melting on the shoreline.

After, we lie in the sand. Underneath her, the grains turn a slow crimson.

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About the Author

Eli V. Rahm (they / them) is a queer writer from Virginia. Eli is the recipient of the 2023 Mary Roberts Rinehart Poetry Award and the 2020 Joseph A. Lohman III Award in Poetry. Their work is featured or forthcoming in Passages North, Bellingham Review, beestung, Barren, The Academy of American Poets, and Portland Review, among others. You can find them tweeting about horror films and strange animals @dinodysphoria.