Andrew Hutto

A the A No. 2

I heard this one, this one on
the radio before.
You know, the same people that I
I had a dream I spoke
Russian with a lip ring and cried

blood.Whole gods, they speed up
the year.
In a tight world, I voted
you for club secretary, you said I know.
It goes, goes slowly by, then.

When the sheets need changing
I think quickly, on my feet –
With a cut-up interlocutor drunk on
their wisdom, full-on plum fingers.
Are we preparing for the
night swim? Our eyes: taken by sharks.

About the Author

Andrew Hutto’s work has been featured in Poet Lore, Thrush Poetry Journal, Twyckenham Notes, Driftwood Press, and elsewhere. He teaches at Newberry College.