Zoe Davis πŸ”ˆ

A Crisp Morning in Sensible Footwear Toward Sheffield City Centre

Wake up! Percolating
travel-sized toward town,

the moon is already cheese-round
in a soft-starred dressing gown.

Two children coax a cat to school,
but it doesn’t need their education.

Hoods and frost-buckled shoes
glimmer on pavement conveyor belts.

Lucky ones get the car.
I see someone’s littered Maltravers (again).

The sky’s a comforting grey,
overlays of pink and blue acetate.

Is this City’s crafting hour?
Glued fingers on gelid Pritt Stick bus stops,

a collage of bare trees,
bricks in a garden in neat heaps.

It’s 3Β° below but someone’s got a window open:
placid songs draped sluggishly across the sill,

tumbling major chords, a smile
as I look up and wave.

Hot breath air-kissing
cigarette chimney smoke,

sweeping past concrete doorsteps
dusted and rough-planted

along a tissue paper horizon,
ghost-striding before 7am.

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About the Author

Zoe Davis is an emerging writer from Sheffield, England. A quality engineer in advanced manufacturing by day, she spends her evenings and weekends writing poetry and prose, and especially enjoys exploring the interaction between the fantastical and the mundane, with a deeply personal edge to her work. You can find her words both published and forthcoming in publications such as Acropolis Journal, Strix, Illumen Magazine, Full House Literary and Broken Antler. You can also follow her on Twitter @MeanerHarker where she’s always happy to have a virtual coffee and a chat.