Morgan Ziegenhorn πŸ”ˆ


When I was old enough
to feel the bones
in my feet,
I noticed the gleam
like thousands of fish eggs
nestled in the crook
of the computer.

Only a few will survive
the summer,
only a few will survive
us – if any.

You’re like that,
or I am: observably
full, but statistically
empty. Sharp elbows
and a mouthful
of pearly teeth.
Breath like a shark,
or not quite;
but someday,

if I could download you
to a removable hard drive,
it’d be just like this:
violent and messy,
all ones and zeros
and predictions to fill in
the leftover spaces –

ejected wrong.

Eventually, we will all be
unplayable – most of the data
will decay and only a few
will survive.

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About the Author

Morgan Ziegenhorn (she / they) is a bioacoustician focused on animal conservation who moonlights as a poet. Their work has previously appeared in The Jarnal, 805 Literature and Arts, and You Might Need to Hear This, among others. When they aren’t writing poetry, you can often find them writing code, or trying to identify species based on their vocalizations. They are from Sacramento, California.