Fiona Perry πŸ”ˆ


It is advisable not to stare at them as they go about their human-like behaviour: mowing lawns, waiting at drone stops, walking reluctant dogs. We were told they would be reprogrammed soon enough, but in the meantime, we mustn’t activate their hunting reflexes. If they come to your house and say, “This is my house,” it may once have been their house, so it is wise to accept this, turn a cheek toward them, then back away slowly. All night, my friend pores over old photo albums. She reminiscences about how her husband looked before he volunteered to participate in the clinical trials. She begged for his body to be cremated at the hospital, convinced bad juju would follow him home.

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Fiona’s first collection of poetry, Alchemy (Turas Press, Dublin), won the Poetry Book Awards Silver Medal (2021) and was shortlisted for the Rubery Prize. Her flash fiction, Sea Change, won first prize in the Bath Flash Fiction Awards (2020). Her poetry and short fiction has been published internationally.