Samantha Padgett πŸ”ˆ

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climate change but make it about me

there’s an aquarium at the strip mall
but no ocean for miles
scientists predict
dallas is only years away
from beinga beachfront town
which is good for them i guess
mother calls to tell me
great-grandmother wants
to cancel our tripto galveston because
the shark attacks are bad this year
which is objectively stupid but also
communities of orcas
speak different languages
and in the 80sthey wore salmon hats
because it was trendy and really girl boss
to be honest i don’t love that
and i know i’m not the first bitch
to be scaredof my own consciousness
but i sure am going to be the loudest about it
and really this isn’t about the orcas
or the oceanor even the salmon hats
i know forever is in its final chapter
and i’m just a magician
i can only pull these handkerchiefs out
from my sleevesso many times
before the crowds start booing
and honestly i’m tired of finding
god in every piece of shit
hole in the wall place
just off the interstatei never
understanding his clicks
and jaws claps anyway

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Samantha Padgett holds an MFA from Sam Houston State University. Her work has appeared in Poet Lore, New Ohio Review, New American Review, and American Literary Review. She lives in Kyle, Texas with her partner and her cat.