Cassady O'Reilly-Hahn πŸ”ˆ

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Fat Lips

Swallow, purple-chipped. Money the same as bitch.
I mean my mother hit me with bills.
Not rent, but mouth rent, limp, slack-jawed

From switch of tone, of love-lashed tongue,
Of salt poured directly into sinuses,
The way I pour old water into plants.

I’ve salivated from pain; a nutrient,
A root in dirt epsomited to bloom.
I feed it to women as basil and smile

When they leave me wet-lipped and greening.

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Cassady O’Reilly-Hahn earned an MA from Claremont Graduate University. He is a managing editor for Foothill: A Poetry Journal. In his free time, Cassady writes haiku for his personal blog, orhawrites, and his Instagram @cassady_orha. Cassady currently resides in Redlands, California, where he can be found flipping through fantasy novels in a cozy recliner on the weekends.