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just lost my job and right now i’m

in the park
the southern edge
of the park
by the art institute
on a bench

a security guard is here, too
the park has security now
and she lets people know that the
exit is that way
she points,
exit’s back that way

the people have to get closer
to hear her
she has to say it twice
they make it from the middle
to the edge
and then have to turn around

i know the rule now
we both know the rule

but they don’t
people keep coming
in groups
they are sure

i wait for the truth
to dawn
on their faces
and every time
it does
exit’s back that way

i get up soon after
it was an
uneasy day at the park

i don’t like knowing
what happens

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Throwing it out there

Let’s all stay unmarked for as long as we can, ok?
Let’s not drink, ok?
Let’s not have children
Let’s not get married
Let’s not get divorced
Let’s Not
Let’s make “Not” a verb

Let’s not tell me how you
feel about the lines on your face
and if they have brought
you closer or farther away from yourself
Or when you are delirious with the baby and hoping the tiredness doesn’t leave you so you can return to sleep with your love and your Self and your child on the other side of the room
If you feel alive then
or not
Or if you feel happy
but not alive
but not happy
I don’t want to know what you value

Let’s not talk about
that because even if we did
I wouldn’t believe you
I know you
but I don’t know you in the fever of night halfway trying to hold tight to your interrupted dream and halfway trying to not think of work tomorrow
or today technically
with an infant looking up at you from its back
who knows nothing except
that they don’t like it
They don’t like it
But that you
you up there have always met them where they were
and made it all right again
and here you come
right on time
leaning over the cradle!

Let’s not talk so you can watch me and wait for me to catch my breath so I can look through you and tell you for the last time that I don’t ever want to be locked into place

Here it goes:
I don’t ever want to be locked into place
I’ll stir my tea with a knife if it’s the closest thing around
I’ll pick you up from the airport

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Thomas Holton is a content writer in Chicago, Illinois. Find him on Instagram @thomas.holton and on Twitter @thomas__holton.