Morgan Boyer πŸ”ˆ

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Tolkien in 2006

You nibble on each chip, the damaged enamel
marching upwards to the crest of carbs
as you press “post” on to,

ready for a boost to your ego that has been
etched away at for the past week from
dismal geometry quizzes to disobedient dogs
getting into trash bags and on top of tables.

Alas, it’s been a long wait, but chapter 17 of “Trapdoor to Middle Earth” just posted!

Your Diet Mountain Dew-drinking, My Chemical Romance-listening
10th member of the Fellowship of the Ring is challenged by whether
to go home to their mean-spirited stepmom or continue the dark path
that is the unnecessarily long romance subplot between your OC & Boromir.

The reviews come in, and like a freezer-burnt popsicle
feeling the warmth of saliva for the first time, your heart
melts as a sense of accomplishment waves over you.

Despite your lackluster geometry, geography, and geology,
you built something, even if it’s just a thread, this week.

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Morgan Boyer is the author of The Serotonin Cradle (Finishing Line Press, 2018) and a graduate of Carlow University. Boyer has been featured in Kallisto Gaia Press, Thirty West Publishing House, Oyez Review, Pennsylvania English, and Voices from the Attic. Boyer is a neurodivergent bisexual woman.