Skaidrite Stelzer

The Pillow Is Pink

Found poetry: after a child’s list found in my home.

1.The pudding is blue.
2.There is too much copper.
3.The blueberries are blue.
4.The cotton is white.
5.You are a nice fellow.
6.You [are] not dull.
7.You can do a swell dance.
8.The moss is green.
9.Possibly it will be good.
10.The slippers are yellow,
11.The hammer is green.
12.There [are] two different colors.
13.I will offer you a cat.
14.There was a sudden bump.
15.Recess is fun.
16.The boss is nice.
17.You can settle.
18.The arrow is red.
19.You act so merry.
20.The pillow is pink.

About the Author

Skaidrite Stelzer’s poetry has appeared in Glass, Struggle, The Baltimore Review, The New Verse News, and many other journals. Her chapbook, Digging a Moose from the Snow, was published by Finishing Line Press. She enjoys cloud shapes.