Matthew McDonald πŸ”ˆ

The Earth’s Mind on Media

The earth is crying because the article
listing the thirty best songs
by a state-funded punk band
that at that stage
had only written thirty songs

will be revised every eighteen months
yet won’t include
the band’s most recent material

despite an altogether more daring approach
to punk rock ballads
and a fruitful collaboration
with a new producer

despite rave reviews
claiming that the band is working
at the top of its game.

One layer of earth announces
it feels so seen
after watching a podcaster’s advice
to wake up
clean its room and confront
the gunk in its figurative sink.

Another layer feels so seen
by a different podcaster condemning
the first podcaster’s views
on lipstick and Marxism.

It’s trying to make healthy choices –
less time with fun narcissists

more green
in meals

and visual modalities.

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About the Author

Matthew McDonald is an Australian musician and poet living in Berlin. He is the principal double bassist of the Berliner Philharmoniker and founder / editor of the online poetry journal berlin lit. Matthew gained his MA in creative writing from the Open University.