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Instead on the basket

I opened the wicker lid, the mouse
gone, having flattened itself to the
point of being unrecognizable,
slipping out a crack I did not notice;
best to set a wild creature free, even
a small one, which brings me to you, what you
need to thrive or, better yet, require.
I want to give you something you cannot
find on your own. Forget the mouse and
concentrate instead on the basket. Fill
it with ripe midsummer blackberries as
if you will soon run out of daylight with
nothing left to do but enjoy the view,
sprawling on warm grass with stained fingers.

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Sandra Kolankiewicz is the author of Turning Inside Out, The Way You Will Go, Lost in Transition, and Even the Cracks. Her work appears in Fortnightly Review, Galway Review, The Healing Muse, New World Writing and Appalachian Review.