Maya Jacyszyn πŸ”ˆ

Apartment for Sale

DΓ©cor ideas come to me
on late night walks,
as do the desires I struggle
to admit to myself.
We stroll together,
peering into tavern-lit
houses, snickering at
patterned wallpaper and
Godforsaken china cabinets.
He’s the only person who
hasn’t called me a stalker.
A portrait of someone’s
ancestor meets my gaze and
I pull him along, we won’t be
taking spirits home tonight.
I feel as though we’re all
clovers with one petal plucked,
one fragment of change, and
now I see myself picking
up groceries at a corner coop,
in a town where women
don’t shave their legs and
all my opinions are
better off as just that,
unshaven legs.
I thought I was too
independent to feel like the
buttercup flowers pressed
against my chin,
like the yellow streaks and
dampness they leave;
but that night, staring up at the
third floor of a Victorian house,
bikes on the porch,
our hands clasped,
I whispered to myself:

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About the Author

Maya is a recent graduate of St. Joseph’s University where she served as editor-in-chief of Crimson & Gray. Her work has been featured in Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle, Wingless Dreamer, Poet’s Choice, The Ignatian Literary Magazine, Quibble Lit, and Clepsydra Literary and Art Magazine. Maya lives near Philadelphia where she works as a writing tutor.