Michael Rogner πŸ”ˆ


bell is rung in courtyard to celebrate signifier
signifier can be bell
can be courtyard
can be ringing celebration
crow lands on bell
crow leapt from plum tree to perform swooping climbing crow trick
crow trick has name: soft landing
bell and crow combine to sound hammer
crow trick and bell and sound
hammer [beeping]
not beeping
hammer ringing plum tree shade
plum with pecked holes
plum on branch and plum made of trunk
holes in both plums
plum wrapped [nurse in Tyvek]
wrapped in bark
plum wrapped in bark is in shade
[nurse in Tyvek + charge nurse + name + birthday]
bell is to be rung
signifier can be crow trick
can be slightly moving slightly silent
can be shade ringing
can be empty courtyard
can be juice on pavement
can be no plum with pecked holes

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Michael Rogner is a restoration ecologist working to bring life back to rivers in California’s Central Valley. His poems appear or are forthcoming in Willow Springs, Los Angeles Review, Minnesota Review, Crab Creek Review, Moon City Review, and elsewhere.