Neil Rhind πŸ”ˆ


Q:And what is it that is working?


Q:And how are these families working?


Q:And what else is also hard?


Q:And what is it that β€œBrexit” means?


Q:Is that self-referential?

A:See above.

Q:And how does this relate to the Pooka MacPhellimey, a member of the devil class?

A:It does not.

Q:And why is the Pooka MacPhellimey not where he belongs, skulking between the lines of his own poem?

A:He has escaped through a cracked spine brought on by over-foxing on the part of a substandard Book Handling Service.

Q:And can we not catch him?

A:He caught the Quatrain.

Q:Sine Qua-Train?


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Neil Rhind came to Edinburgh to study literature, but they made him leave university after passing his viva. He has contributed to The Scottish Literary Review, The International Review of Scottish Studies, the International Journal of Scottish Literature, and other publications that don’t read like variations on the same three words. He was recently anthologised in Spectral Lines: Poems About Scientists (Alternating Current Press), has a piece forthcoming in Eemis Stane, and has served as Bard in Residence for the Beltane Fire Society.