Rodrigo Toscano πŸ”ˆ

Four Reflections on Content & Form


That on a lute, Berlin techno loses a little bit of its tenderness.

That on a woodblock, Parker’s scintillating 14ths become intervallically a bit murky.

That on a thrumbola (a speculative instrument – a specialized arraignment of microphones attached to a Universal Standard Urinal), Mozart’s minuets retain their charm by way of an institutionalized acclaim.

That on a kalimba, Webern’s five orchestral pieces still take about 128 minutes

to perform.


What happens if you import the dullness, the utter boredom of the suburbs into an exciting megalopolis?

What happens if you export the over-excitability and glitz of the megalopolis into the suburbs?

What happens when a rurality chooses to speak to a rurality? (solely)

What happens when a rurality turned suburban imports a megalopolis' imported suburbia?

What happens when an exported doubly taxed rural suburbia gets exported to another country’s imported megalopolis' rurality imported from another country’s duty-free rurality?

What happens when a megalopolis' megalopolosity is lost but looked for by a suburbanite expatriate?

What happens when a repatriated ex-rural imported sub-urbanity gone busto…moves to Bayport, Long Island.

What happens…


“…so that the overall labor-process obscured, the overall knowledge of the process hoarded by management, plus the problem of un-organized outsourced labor; the struggle lies in wresting management’s prerogative of the work process, that is, by attacking the division of labor as it currently exists, giving the workers the opportunity to train themselves based on their own knowledge of the process. This involves openly sharing information, and condensing their input into a curriculum to be used by other workers, critiqued by other workers, and ultimately re-written by other workers…”


Brasil. The PT’s first run at electoral politics (circa 1982)

“our candidates' appearances…”

uma galeria do criminosos

“My name is Joao. I live in a shanty town. I was arrested four times. Vote for me.”

“My name is Athos. In ‘68 I hijacked a plane in defense of my country.”

“My name is Nanella. My name before that was Baladora. Before that, Chuppetina.”

Result: 0 governors, 0 senators, six federal parliamentarians out of 500, 1 mayor out of 5,000

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Rodrigo Toscano is a poet and dialogist based in New Orleans. He is the author of ten books of poetry. His latest books are The Charm & The Dread (Fence Books, 2022) and The Cut Point (Counterpath Books, 2023). His Collapsible Poetics Theater was a National Poetry Series selection) His poetry has appeared in over 20 anthologies, including Best American Poetry and Best American Experimental Poetry (BAX). Toscano has received a New York State Fellowship in Poetry. He won the Edwin Markham 2019 prize for poetry. Find him online at or on Twitter @Toscano200.