Z. H. Gill πŸ”ˆ

Resurrected Concrete

Resurrected concrete; resuscitated concrete; regurgitated concrete; elephant-colored concrete; ribbon-thin concrete; porcupine concrete; miraculous concrete; musical concrete; maniacal concrete; marauder concrete; recalibrated concrete; reversible concrete; rivers-of concrete; carpeted concrete; invisible concrete; combustible concrete; ideation concrete; microwavable concrete; icicle-of concrete; isosceles concrete; prurient concrete; locket-made-of concrete; lion-colored concrete; store-bought concrete; Presidential concrete; bubble-wrapped concrete; impossible concrete; felonious concrete; low-fidelity concrete; paper-thin concrete; translucent concrete; biological concrete; California concrete; museum concrete; display-case concrete; mummified concrete; delectable concrete; deflectable concrete; drive-thru concrete; brick concrete; interstellar concrete; libidinal concrete; frozen concrete; dusk-light concrete; dusted concrete; featherweight concrete; halitosis concrete; Halifax concrete; holographic concrete; baked concrete; Cheddar Bay concrete; congee concrete; tower-of concrete; ocean-colored concrete; foam concrete; spray concrete; end-of-life concrete; OSHA-non-compliant concrete; buttressed concrete; buttered concrete; chapel-blessed concrete; seafloor concrete; Stonehenge concrete; electric concrete; Hurricane Concrete –

Concrete-that-is-to-be; concrete-that-is-to-be-but-isn’t-yet; concrete-that-is; concrete-that-is, still; concrete-that-never-was; concrete-that’s-still-happening; concrete-poured-by-concrete-hands; the-world-made-only-from-concrete; the-world-without-any-concrete-at-all –

Concrete engine; concrete mallard; concrete ballast; concrete ladder; concrete cake; concrete wake; concrete lamp; concrete snake; concrete table; concrete keyboard; concrete iron; concrete ship; concrete lung; concrete fish; concrete door; concrete gate; concrete giraffe; concrete latte; concrete snow; concrete space; concrete tact; concrete laugh; concrete missionary; concrete theory; concrete gold; concrete fire; concrete cave; concrete glove; concrete maze; concrete handle; concrete thermos; concrete leg; concrete park; concrete NARC; concrete lake; concrete shake; concrete booth; concrete car; concrete lull: concrete shark –

Concrete-soiled-by-its-own-maker; concrete-imagined-to-be-wooden; concrete-shaved-from-a-birch; concrete-imprisoned-by-overzealous-authorities; concrete-sealed-away-behind-concrete; concrete-come-to-life-by-wishing; concrete-boy-come-to-life-by-wishing; concrete-arrested-at-the-border; concrete-laced-with-angel-dust; concrete-allowed-to-live-out-its-life-alone-in-the-woods; concrete-hunted-down-in-the-woods-by-rogue-officers; concrete-the-governor-passed-on-staying-the-execution-of – for midnight had come and gone.

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Audio recording by Gil Young. Find him on Spotify at Channel 1.

About the Author

Z. H. Gill moonlights as a factotum at a vanity label in West Hollywood, California. His work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Triangle House, HEX Literary, HOMINTERN, Misery Tourism, Animal Blood, Unstamatic, Spoonie Magazine, Forever Magazine, and Spillover Magazine. Find him on Twitter @BlckPllPlsrBch.