Yessmin Arevalo πŸ”ˆ

Those who can stomp on me

Henry Cavill.
An assortment of British actors:
Tom Hiddleston,
Benedict Cumberbatch but only while attempting to say “penguins,”
and Idris Alba.
Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.
Trevor Noah.
The cashier at Buccee’s.
Every famous Chris, except Pratt.
Cher since she’s a rich man.
Keanu Reeves.
That one cute waiter at my local Korean BBQ place.
Henry Cavill with a mustache.
The entire cast of The Avengers, men or women and all in between, except Pratt.
Dylan O’Brien but without the blonde hair, preferably.
Fernando Colunga on Sundays.
The main horse from the movie Spirit.
Anne Hathaway.
Any and every actor in all Korean dramas,
especially Park Hyung-sik.
Diego from Ice Age.
Young actors from the 90s.
Winona Ryder.
Henry Cavill with a beard.
Any billionaire but for a hefty price.
Conan O’Brien, but only if I can stomp on him first.
Not Jake Gyllenhaal.
Danny Phantom: if you know, you know.
Did I mention Henry Cavill?
That one dude who smiled at me in college.
Some guy named Chad.
Childhood movie sweethearts such as Chad Michael Murray.
William Levy.
Tom Holland when saying “croissants.”
Ben Barnes, any time and any day.
Again, Henry Cavill.
Prince Charming from Cinderella 3 ‘cause he’s got personality.
Lastly, Henry Cavill.

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Yessmin Arevalo holds a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from the University of Texas - Austin. Occasionally, Yessmin will dabble in poetry, art, and all things non-math. Her writings are meant to be chaotic and squeeze out a laugh. Feel free to question her sanity.