Ethan Vilu πŸ”ˆ

Arena Canalworks (East Side)


Sitting here, a battle-scarred and placid machine
enjoying the playfulness of ancient water
circumambulating the logos.


Rock-face circuitry interred with a golden statue.

Am I sufficiently reverent?
Am I in danger?


A symmetrical course, a gem, a rented life.
Everything is in the absence of dust,
the absence of light. Everything is perfect, inhuman.


There are trails leading to places you’ll never be.
I’ve seen stairs shaped like galaxies,
ceilings in perpetual movement.

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About the Author

Ethan Vilu is a poet and editor from Calgary, Canada. Their longsheet A Decision Re: Zurich was published by The Blasted Tree in 2020, and their poetry and reviews have been featured in a variety of outlets. Ethan currently serves as both poetry editor and circulation manager for Filling Station Magazine.