Brennan Burnside

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Christmas in July (Four Santa Tragedies)


Red oak dining room table finished
with walnut stain, glass tumbler of milk half-filled
with fresh imprint of lips, off-white ceramic plate
approximately 9Ο€" in circumference, half-eaten
white gobstopper, sound of constricted breathing.


Dry ice mantelpiece of Lady Madonna holding
Christ on left and shirtless Ryan Gosling holding book
on left, sound of scuffling in flue, flames engulfing entire


18' long baggage claim conveyor belt, “Pyongyang Sunan
International Airport” written in blue letters on side
of conveyor belt, large red velvet gunnysack with white tassels,
“Santa” written on beige baggage claim tag tied to tassel, no
other bags.


New moon, no light, small red gleam traveling through
Russian airspace at approximately 250 mph, missile
shot from SA-11 Buk surface to air missile traveling
at approximately 1900 mph toward moving red gleam,
deep baritone voice calls out “Rudolph,” booming sound,

About the Author

Brennan Burnside’s work has recently appeared in Fail Better and Barnstorm. He blogs @burnsideonburnside and tweets @bbburnside sparingly.