Keith Kennedy

That Time We Both Paid for It

Sex, lascivious and unkempt
while I stand near the stove, preparing,
bleed the window a little, play
arson with the house of God
let my body feel fell temperament untold
while I wait and watch and bear and beg,
make circles on my wetted cheeks,
be careful not to save my tears,
add caring when the time is near

Mine, mine,
my pieces larger
I touch the contours
inside out,
the residue is growing sweeter
the consequences fading out
the eyes of man are falling out
the fingers – sharp – are helping out

Hit the bricks
and force them back into place,
spoil the rod, strike while the child is near,
kill all the bodies and bury all the stones,
bite down, breathe through your mouth,
and put this inside you
then take the money on the dresser

If I ever see you again, it will
be the death of us.

About the Author

Keith Kennedy is a Pushcart and Rhysling-nominated poet writing out of Vancouver, British Columbia. He has over sixty professional credits, including recent publications at Samjoko and Coffin Bell. Keith is represented by Jon Michael Darga at Aevitas Creative.