Jacob K. A. Mensah


The best shape of a figure is, perhaps, his wheelbarrow.

I touch yours & the shade of the sun at noontide spreads across the field

perhaps, the clinking will change

when it’s close distance;

it’s a jungle between the words.

The injured crocuses cast a warm labyrinth

I post a mirage
& I breathe in your smouldering soul.

Here we steal our sweat & voices
here we unfold wet newspapers showing crayon drawings of communities not filled
with initiates or Illuminati;

I carry a miscreant’s guilty secret away.

About the Author

Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah is an artist, poet, playwright, critic and composer. He recently published a poetry chapbook, Kind Haven (The Operating System, 2020). His poetry, songs, prose, art and hybrid media have appeared in numerous journals. He lives in the southern part of Ghana, in Spain, and in the Turtle Mountains, North Dakota.