PaweΕ‚ Grajnert πŸ”ˆ

Career-breaking Norms

The less you care
The more you take.
The Rewards are stated
As rewards. No others will do.
Money: the verb
Meaning “the worthing of.”

Worth matters first.
Above life in this picture
Of despair draped
In accoutrements of stature
Γ€ la the latest. Or what
Once was. Even better.

The more Roman the permanence
Projected, the better.
The civilization of the cat:
The more grain,
The more mice,
The less grain.
The more cats,
The less mice,
The more grain.

The maximum ratio of cats
To grain is best.

What the currency
Represents is a bond
Of trust in debt.

I owe the Pharoah
Four carts of grain,
Seven honey-full amphorae.
They deal the death blow
to all other debt.

We bow,

Us strictly biological,
For now, before power:
Symbols of normalcy,
Disruption is the Other.

Whatever other there is:
Salt peanuts,
Salt peanuts!
Instruments sounding their best.

The statue we need
In San Fran Harbor.

I extend freedom
To all who embrace
My freedom from and for:

From us and
For us.

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PaweΕ‚ Grajnert is a writer and filmmaker working in Poland and the United States.