Tim J. Brennan πŸ”ˆ

A Recipe for Luminosity

After the recipe writing challenge.

Pear juice on the tip
of an index finger,

a last sip of Pinot Grigio

a bowl of iced moonlight
by the porch door,

when you hold each other
during lightning

the bald spot on the back of the man
near Columbus Circle after he asked
for spare change

a white-washed fence, a young girl
zig-zagging through fallen leaves,

crab apples

and all the silent houses
with lights on

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About the Author

Tim J. Brennan’s poetry can be found in Up North, KAXE public radio, Volume One, Barstow & Grand, Talking Stick, Bright Light - Stories in the Night, RockPaperPoem, etc. Brennan’s one act plays have played across the United States, including Milwaukee, Colorado Springs, Ypsilanti, Waxhaw, Taos, Chagrin Falls, and Lexington.