Sandra Hosking

What Is Left

Ekphrastic poem from Grimm’s Fairy Tales: The Frog King, John Baldessari, The Broad

Where is this princess
Who turns frogs into princes?
She is neither in water nor sky
Nor comatose on a cement slab.

Blood on the pillow
In the shape of desire
Drips onto white cotton sheets.
All that is left of her
Is the stain.

All that is left of me
Withers like a lily
In an empty glass bowl.

About the Author

Sandra Hosking is a poet, playwright, and photographer in the Pacific Northwest. Her plays, poetry, and photography have appeared in Joey, 3 Elements Review, West Texas Review, The Uncommon Grackle, Cirque Literary Journal, Edify Fiction and the book Along Southern Roads. Hosking holds MFAs in theatre and creative writing.