Alyssa Hannam πŸ”ˆ

Dancing with Dionysus

drink wine with me in the bathroom
red stains coating sweet lips
i’m drunk on you
intoxicating highs
spinning the room
like a runaway disco ball
this bathtub is big enough for two bodies
tangle me in your vines and
make me forget the pain that comes with sobriety
we’ll submerge ourselves
till the sun makes dusty tile sparkle
i won’t remember a thing
except these soft purple
that pepper my skin
and taste like your touch

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About the Author

Based in Wisconsin, Alyssa Hannam was the first to receive an Excellency in Playwriting award from her alma mater, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. Her play, The Gates, has been featured in One Egg No Batter Production’s Virtual Unfinished Works Festival and was read on the podcast Unstaged. She is the main writer of the Chaotic Myth Retellings series for the MD Virtual Ensemble Company. In addition to playwriting, she has published multiple journalistic pieces with The Borgen Project and co-hosts and manages social media for the Tea & Squee podcast.