TS S. Fulk πŸ”ˆ

Metamodern Morning Angst

Ekphrastic poem from Untitled (Woman’s face between blankets), 1960s, Unknown Artist, National Gallery of Art

My heart’s bass drum back beat
joins the blaring alarm
a viper-like arm strikes
the beeping now tacit
the beats rallentando
softly sotto voce

Why can I not dream forever
like Alice in the looking glass
under the duvet air ripens
filling my soul with musty warmth
why can I not be forgotten
like lint in a jean’s back pocket
out of my sight out of my mind
anxiety’s cacophony

One eye surveys ahead
another stares inward appalled

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About the Author

TS S. Fulk lives with his family in Γ–rebro, Sweden where he works as an English teacher and textbook author. Besides teaching and writing, TS is an active musician who plays bass trombone, the Appalachian mountain dulcimer and the Swedish bumblebee dulcimer (hummel). His poetry has been (or will be) published by The Ekphrastic Review, The Button Eye Review, The Fiery Scribe Review, Perennial Press, and Wingless Dreamer.