Mark Burgh πŸ”ˆ

My Bestiary

Thrombosiad cataractal looped occluder of episteme
Inchoate lector immured to knowledge cacking out pentatonic lies
Fouled-line listing coracle eyoting liturgical despite
Murder ballad parrot crepuscular tint on a stick
Cauterized eel-mind slipping between stygian pockets

Two mixed-breed dogs (one monocular)
A black guinea pig (survivor of pair)

one monocular perambulation into murine space
one monocular stasis marmoreal in public space
one monocular sapphire glisters refracts sharp light
one monocular trisection lost but olefactorically sound

survivor of a pair alone in a cage
survivor of a pair black coal walking through hay
survivor of a pair ingested not sunflower shells
survivor of a pair emits sharp noise angering two mixed-breed dogs

me inmate #1 treader of grapes
see me circle stomping
hear me ululate old rock songs
look, my feet are carnadine sanguine animals rough as rhinoceros
multi-headed as cerberus or medusa’s snakes.

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Mark Burgh lives and teaches in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Mark holds a BA in History from the University of Delaware, and an MFA in Creative Writing along with a PhD in English from the University of Arkansas.