James Ph. Kotsybar πŸ”ˆ

my decision

i was sitting
down and alone
in my room when
the doorbell rang

i got up to

answer a man
pushing faith with
his family smiling
behind him

i told him i was saved

and was closing the door
when the phone rang
i asked hello
this time it was a woman
selling “Psychology Today”

i bought a year’s subscription

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About the Author

James Ph. Kotsybar is the first poet published to another planet aboard NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft (still orbiting Mars), has given poetry readings at dance clubs (Lhasa, Los Angeles) and Europe’s largest interdisciplinary science event (ESOF2018) before French Troubadours (Europe’s oldest poetic institution) to standing return invitation. Printed in six countries, he has served internationally as a poetry judge. Works appear in Hubble Space Telescope’s mission log and record of Centaur Rocket’s 50th Anniversary Celebration (IngenuityFest).