Anne Freier


It starts with the stiff neck
Slapβˆ—stab of the disc from its ivory tower
Snapβˆ—smack of the bands sliming it into place
The head weighs ten pounds
Ten pounds of pig head cost nothing
Some give head for a ten
But it’s the Head of the Stiff Neck
Association who takes home
my tenners by ten.

So it begins, the doctor explains
But all the feels are still there; sensations of living
He writes a prescription for Chronic
So it begins, the pharmacist says
But all the pain is real; existence hurts
Dropβˆ—shot the pill and forget
The itemised sick note for the employer

So it begins, the boss complains
Until it ends.
And I am ravenous.

About the Author

Anne Freier is a writer, poet, and medical editor. She studied literature and writing with the University of East Anglia, the Writers Studio, and the Poetry School London. She is currently at work on a first collection of poetry, chapbooks, and a short story collection. Her first creative non-fiction book was commissioned by indie press Beshu.