Massimo Fantuzzi πŸ”ˆ

Nomad Song

(After all the hangings attended first row, applauded waving yellow hankies and blowing raspberry kisses, Hope popped out for a smoke.)

Sky unframed and unimpaired
sets to offend the corneas,
fuzzy bumblebees hallucinate
thoughts of empty beddings.
Their leafy collars whistle bloated
through a net vision of coordinates,
past and present-past uncaptured,
wormholes in the mesh freed them
from your crib of rough muslin crème
a grip onto fallen hair the slippery face
melts of mother’s heart
in purple mantle and drunken stride

out of a shell and into a core, preys
the ins and outs like harpooned locket and tide,
come to rest on this balcony of soaring drives
to watch out for strays, shrines and malaise,
present company excluded of course.

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About the Author

Massimo Fantuzzi is a British-Italian dual national born in Milan living in Leicestershire. Author of a collection of poems and prose poems, Marcia Gioie (Alkalea, 1999). After his degree in Education, since 2001, he works in supporting SEND individuals of all ages in schools and residential settings. Member of the editorial board at Triggerfish Critical Review, his poems have appeared in Alba, Morphrog, Poetry wtf?!, Grey Sparrow Journal, LiteLitOne, In Parentheses, Bosphorus Review of Books, Bombay Gin, Poetica Review, The Honest Ulsterman, Poetry Salzburg Review and Orbis. From his window on the National Forest, he dares to keep score of the lasting proceedings between treetops, low clouds and other liminal frontiers.