Editor's Note 2/22

i know you hate the domestic in poetry
but you should have thought of that before
you invited me to move in with you
Hera Lindsay Bird

Welcome to our fifth and February issue, (Un)domesticated, an exploration of how tropes about domestic life, and its oppositional contexts, might be reinterpreted and their boundaries expanded.

In this installment, we present poetry by Sam Alex, James Barrie, Lawrence Bridges, Rohan Buettel, Alex Carrigan, Philip Davison, Mario Duarte, George Franklin, Timothy Hudenburg, David P. Miller, and Rebecca Thrush.

We present prose poetry by Richard George and Betty Stanton, and short prose by Linda McMullen.

Lastly, we exhibit photography by Roger Camp.

All the best and happy reading,

Matthew Bullen
Founder and Editor-in-Chief