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Mia Thornton Flipping Through an Inspirational Quotes Coffee Table Book

All lines from Mia Thornton’s official Twitter account, @MrsMiaThornton

Hey, Zaddy.
Repeat after me…
“I am powerful. I am unlimited.”

It’s too exhausting trying to keep up with the negativity.
That’s NOT how I got to where I am today.
I’m trying really hard to be “bothered."
Key word: “Try."
Been through too much to care about
anything other than my paper.

I’m sorry you’re so bothered.
I own eight companies.
Stripper past and I still have more class.
Imagine that.

Out of respect to all the ladies who work in strip clubs,
the correct term is “Entertainer."
This is what’s listed on my resume.
Working on my choice of words.
Finally someone who understands the hustle.

I still can’t believe
I swung my long a$$ legs
around that darn pole.
Fiftyeleven times!

Actually, The Club did have a valet
and yes,
my car was parked for me every shift.
Yes, I get driven,
and no,
I don’t open my doors.

At the end of the day,
I never forget where and how far I have come.
I didn’t come this far,
to only come this far.
Nothing has changed,
just more people know me now.
We all have the same 24 hours each day,
it’s what and who we allow in our spaces
that dictates our future.

Thank you for coming into my space.
all day!
We don’t do “nasty drama.”

Thank you, sis.
I’m honestly doing the best I know how.
I appreciate you.

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