Rohan Buettel

Cutting the Ribbon

In the night, I hear a far-off
beat. Closer, louder, my
scalp prickles. The
incessant pounding
crushing my skull, a
mountain of bone. Your
dress is a relief of green
leaves in a forest. The
music changes cycle and
you are suddenly sad. But I
am light, volatile, excited.
Your clothes Italian, your
voice becoming cotton. I
am as curious as a cat on a
plane, exploring dark
spaces as passengers sleep
or sink into screen stupor. I
am falling through a secret
trapdoor to Hell. There is a
strange, sweet smell and
dye is running. But I laugh,
for I have cut the ribbon.

About the Author

Rohan Buettel was born and educated in Brisbane, Australia and now lives in Canberra. His haiku have been published in various Australian and international journals (including Frogpond, Cattails and The Heron’s Nest). His longer form poetry appears or is forthcoming in Reed Magazine, Meniscus, Cicerone Journal, Lite Lit One and Quadrant.