Morgan MacVaugh

these times, here.

there are times
i am not fit to talk to people
people’s words are not fit for human ears

with every syllable
how they curl in on themselves β€”
my ears, my fingers
my spine


as i curl inward
with the weight
of our worlds of words

im not coming back this time.

as I grow the fangs and claws of
my youth
and use them
to flee
back into the woods

because where i plan on going
there are no names
carved into lichened bark

im not fit for this anymore.

so watch.

About the Author

Morgan MacVaugh attends graduate school in Scotland for her Master’s in Creative Writing. You can find some of her work in Hunger Mountain, F(r)iction’s Dually Noted series, and Luna Station Quarterly. She lives for card games, oil paints, and her chonky black cat.