Alastair Dawson

hollow night thoughts

nostalgic city painted night under a swollen moon
you breathe memories on a light breeze stirring
something missing abandoned reluctantly
inside the damp soil swelling
beneath brilliant neon glow oblique veneer stretching long into the sky broadcasting wide
behind twinkling village lights
wavering at the edge of consciousness ghosts hum
an indecipherable melody filling a not quite void with something incomplete unrealised
drifting out over black water
deep turbulent currents
compressed and broken prematurely
unswelling unroaring unrealised unwaves unbelonged
under a sky someone else’s not yours and stars that never were
divisive divided undecided decided-for unimaginable
where is your song scattered all over the earth when will you be back like you told us

About the Author

Alastair Dawson comes from Cumbria and is a Creative Writing Master’s student at Lancaster University. The relationships between the imaginary and the actual fascinate him β€” he explores these in his writing and his real life. He believes in magic and finds it in almost everything he sees.