Zachary Cahill

Unicorn Death Moon Day Planner

Zachary Cahill’s Unicorn Death Moon Day Planner is part of our 2023 chapbook series sponsored by a grant from the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association.

Author Reading

In discussion with Dieter Roelstraete at the Seminary Coop bookstore, Chicago, Illinois.

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Nominated for the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association’s 2024 Elgin Awards.


A day planner like no other, surely this mystical book was created in an alternate dimension. You can only obtain it by riding Pegasus all the way to a jewel-encrusted planet.

Unicorn Death Moon delicately guides us through the fermented sadness of a wounded heart. Burning through the pain, Cahill helps us reach bright stars and see light on the other side.

Corinne Halbert, Acid Nun

β—ˆ β—ˆ β—ˆ

Unicorn Death Moon Day Planner is what art looks like today. It offers a riveting, wholly unironic portrait of the soul in action. I find nearly every page to be uniquely meaningful. UDMDP explores the “eff” in ineffable. It’s a great work. Shockingly good."

Matthew Jesse Jackson, The Experimental Group: Ilya Kabakov, Moscow Conceptualism, Soviet Avant-Gardes

β—ˆ β—ˆ β—ˆ

Zachary Cahill’s Unicorn Death Moon Day Planner is definitely meant to be read, written, and written in nightly by its reader. A cyclical loop, calendrical, like the phases and phrases that loom in the moon. His unicorns are gorgeous and as real as anything that has ever existed in pictures and minds. Their sweeping lines, flowing manes, waves of watercolor washes bounce and rear up and gallop alongside the skull they haunt. Like the moon, they reveal his artistic dark side and bring it to glowing life in words and images.

W.J.T. Mitchell, Mental Traveler: A Father, a Son, and a Journey through Schizophrenia

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About the Author

Zachary Cahill is an interdisciplinary artist based in Chicago. For over a decade he has worked on the USSA, a proposition for a country that uses exhibitionary form as a meditation on nation-state infrastructure and propaganda. More recently, his work has taken a turn towards the genres of fantasy and fairytales.

His art has been featured in the Berlin Biennale, Regina Rex (New York), and the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), among others.

He has given readings, lectures, and conducted performances at The Poetry Foundation, The Renaissance Society, ICA London, and Printer’s Row Wine Bar.

Zachary has been featured in the Art Reviews Future Greats issue and was included in the contemporary art survey, The Artist Who Will Change the World, published by Thames and Hudson.

His writings have appeared in Afterall, Artforum, Bad-at-Sports, and Critical Inquiry. The Black Flame of Paradise, his first novel, was released by Mousse Publishing in 2018.

He is the founding editor-in-chief of Portable Gray, a bi-annual arts and ideas journal put out by the University of Chicago Press for the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry, where he is Director of Programs and Fellowships.

In 2021, Cahill published the graphic novel Unicorn Death Road Trip Buddy Movie.

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