Angela Acosta

A Belief in Cosmic Dailiness

Angela Acosta’s A Belief in Cosmic Dailiness is part of our 2023 chapbook series sponsored by a grant from the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association.

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A reading by Dr. Acosta, along with a broader discussion of Spanish-language and Latinx speculative writing, is available on the Harvard Extension Alumni Association’s YouTube channel.

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Nominated for the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association’s 2024 Elgin Awards.


The magnetic lyricism of Angela Acosta’s speculative poetry turns the reader into an ethnographer of their own impermanent place in a human legacy circumscribed by change. A Belief in Cosmic Dailiness roots space-age dreams in centuries-old human tradition, inflected with flicks of humor. The lively narrative poems speaking to love, fate, home, kinship, language, music, and memory will welcome those who are new to poetry, while Acosta’s clever interjections of craft, allusion, and SF discourse around boundaries of the human, sentience, decolonization, (a)sexuality, and xenobiology will appeal to academic readers.

L. Acadia, Assistant Professor of Literary Studies, National Taiwan University

β—ˆ β—ˆ β—ˆ

From the splendor of quinceaΓ±eras in the cosmos to a grandmother’s recipes reaching us light years away, Angela Acosta’s poetry never fails to make the intergalactic feel like home. There are countless visions to admire in this tight yet expansive exploration, but what I love most is Acosta’s reverence for tomorrow, her visionary ability to see Latinx people thriving and preserving our traditions when our Earth is long gone. Her poems give me hope. Bold hope. Above all, Acosta’s loving tapestry of cosmic life helped me see our people, our language, our bodies celebrated in and past that wall of stars.

Angel Leal, Pushcart, Best of the Net, and Rhysling Award Nominee

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About the Author

Angela Acosta, Ph.D., is a bilingual Latina poet and Iberian Studies scholar who grew up watching space shuttle and rocket launches from Gainesville, Florida.

Her Rhysling-nominated speculative poetry has appeared in Apparition Lit, On Spec, Radon Journal, Shoreline of Infinity, Space & Time, and The Sprawl Mag.

Angela is a 2023 Utopia Award for Poetry finalist, 2022 Dream Foundry Contest for Emerging Writers finalist, 2022 Somos en Escrito Extra-Fiction Contest honorable mention, and 2022 Best of the Net nominee.

Her debut speculative poetry collection, Summoning Space Travelers, was published by Hiraeth Books in 2022 and is a 2023 Elgin Award nominee.

Her chapbook Fourth Generation Chicana Unicorn was published by Dancing Girl Press (2023).

She wrote this book between Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, and Madrid.

About the Artist

The cover art for this book, Alien Lass, was composed by Janis Butler Holm. Janis served as Associate Editor for Wide Angle, the film journal, and currently works as a writer and editor in sunny Los Angeles. Her art, prose, poems, and performance pieces have appeared in small press, national, and international magazines. Her plays have been produced in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Russia.

Janis has also published art with us in Issue 17, April 2023.

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