Sylvia Santiago

Art Prints by Sylvia Santiago

We’re thrilled to offer museum-quality, ready to frame art prints by Sylvia Santiago.

Canvas prints in many sizes are available via our ArtPal gallery.

Small paper posters for Faith Is and Regrets are available via our Etsy shop.

By a museum-quality art print of Consent by Sylvia Santiago!

Faith Is

By a museum-quality art print of Faith Is by Sylvia Santiago!


By a museum-quality art print of Regrets by Sylvia Santiago!

About the Artist

Sylvia Santiago’s art appears in Acropolis Journal, Cutbow Quarterly, Harpy Hybrid Review, Streetcake Magazine, and elsewhere. Find her on Twitter @sylviasays2.

We previously published Sylvia’s art in Issue 19, August 2023 and Issue 22, February 2024.